Lamellar Armor Lacing Instructions

Here are the basic instructions for Lacing Lamellar Armor

  Start by making a belt that fits comfortably around your waist that reaches from just below your armpit to your waist. Typically this is 3 to 4 rows tall. Then set that aside.

Now to make the chest piece, hold both your arms straight out in front of you and have someone measure the distance from arm to arm across your chest. Then make a row of scales that long, and as many high as you need to go from the top of the belt you made up to your collar bone. If you are going to have your shirt open down the front you will need to split that chest piece in half. If you have your shirt split on the side just make it solid.

For the back piece, make it two scales wider than the chest piece and one row taller. You will not need to split this panel.

Now you will attach the back and chest piece(s) to the top of the belt. Now you can attach your shoulder straps and buckles to the front, and you have a shirt! :-)

Lamellar Lacing Instructions

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