Viking Home Companion and Radio Free Valhalla Combo CD

The first half of the CD is the original Viking Home Companion which was done just with the songs and stories. No fluff, but a lot of fun. The second half is Radio Free Valhalla done as a radio program, complete with commercials, commentary, and of course all the silliness you have come to expect. So get your copy now and explore the wonderful fun of the berserker game of axe catching. Oar dancing in full armor. Portaging long ships. What to do, or better yet, what not to do with bored berserkers.

Total run time about 30 minutes.

Halfdan's New Longboat
Going Viking
The Varangian Guard
Halfdan's Funeral
Filk Songs:
The Second Month of Viking
(sung to the tune of the Second Week of Deer Camp by the Da Yoopers)
Cold North Sea
(sung to the tune of the Lemon Tree by Simon and Garfunkle)
Beorn Saxonbane
(sung to the tune of It's Me Again Margaret by Ray Stevens)
Hakon the Funny Berzerk Man
(sung to the children's tune Frankie the Funny Fireman)
Viking Christmas Carol
(sung to the tune It Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas)


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