Torvaldr Torgarson's Poetry

 Thoughts of leaving
October 2005

There's a wind that whispers
willing hearts to listen.
Drafting forth the daring,
deeds have come a calling.
Can I craft with sail horse
keen, a path to yestre?
Raising mind to rail and
reap the mead of courage.

On the trail with tears I
toil, and wonder for the
spirit. Seeking for a
song that carries hoping.
Nothing nears my vision
needing hands and honor,
Under wind bowl building
boldness for the journey.

Can you hear the heart beat
heavy for the leaving?
Can you ken the sorrow
carried on the shoulders?
Notes that fade and follow,
failing in the distance.
Treading on the trail that
tenders to the morning.

Written when I thought I was moving out of California to Ohio. That move had to be put off.


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