Torvaldr Torgarson's Poetry

 Mists/Cynagua War
April 2006

Gather now the grand and
great, to rally round the
Princes banner. Praise the
proud host loudly cheering!
Clad in cold, and silver
crafted rings, binding tight
the bone cage. While helm crag
carries iron brazen.

Hilt wand hard with skill will
harry foes, no comfort
found while forces clash on
fields of honored homeland.
Driven heart and danger
dooms the foolish, seeking
fame by force of arms on
foreign sands and hillside.

Draw no doubt the noble
deeds will live in verses
crafted. Care will take us
cautious skill of word hoard.
Living on the legend
laced in minds and years, by
hands and mouth that heed the
heroes selfless daring!


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