Torvaldr Torgarson's Poetry

 For Mists Coronet
April 3, 2003

Slowly gathers soft and
silent shroud of grayness,
travels with the tide and
turns the lands to shadows.
Ghostly floating glimpses
glitter lost to straining
eyes while ears can hear the
open harness ringing.

Banners raised and reach for
restless breezes, haunting
din of iron dance by
dauntless slayers of the
troll kin. Taking naught but
tasking all, in bid to
hold the highest place by
heat of pride and honor.

Seek ye now the steel and
silver, for by both is
honor won, to offer
oath to land and people
with a will to hold and
wonder. At the gather
shall the shades of yestre
shout for princ'ly greeting.

This one is a bit longer than an Occasional Verse,
So would be considered a flokr. It was written and
sent to Mists Coronet since I could not attend and
wanted to add to the ambiance of the day. And was a
bit sad about missing it.


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