Greaves Leg Armor

  Shovel Knee Shynbalds are for those who use a later period kit. Shynbalds were the beginnings of plated greaves first introduced while the primary armor of the day was mail. They did not wrap around the calf or ankle, only adding some protection to the shin. I added a modified shovel knee based on my popular bazuband elbow. They still cover all the areas required by SCA heavy combat standards. Due to not using as much material as the Shovel Knee Greave, they weigh less, and cost less, while still giving you terrific protection that looks as good as it works. Unlike the Shovel Knee Greave the Shynbalds can come in single layer or double layer (as pictured). The single layer shynbalds are made from 13 to 15 ounce vegetable tan leather, and the double layer shynbalds are made with two layers of 10 to 12 ounce vegetable tan leather, giving an overall thickness of 20 to 24 ounces. hardened in my multi-stage process, finished with a mix of carnauba and bees wax so they will not soften in sunlight. They are available in red, green, black, blue, and natural brown. Pictures shown are unhardened and unstained.

Standard Prices:
    Shovel Knee Greaves $250/pair
    Shynbalds $200/pair





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