Shovel Knee Greaves

Shovel Knee Greaves Leg Armor

  My Shovel Knee greaves are the perfect compliment to an early period kit. Modeled after Roman/Greek greaves, and modified to meet SCA armor standards, they are light, strong, and just darned good looking! They come with a floating knee cop to cover the top of the knee when you bend your leg, and extend up several inches to cover the prime target zone on the lower thigh. This will allow your scale coat to overlap that area so that when the coat moves when you do, that area stays covered.

Full quisses are available as a separate item that can replace the demi knee for full leg coverage. Shovel Knee Greaves only come in the single layer design.

The greaves are made from 13 to 15 ounce vegetable tan leather and hardened in my multi-stage process, finished with a mix of carnauba and bees wax so they will not soften in sunlight. They are available in red, green, black, blue, and natural brown.

Standard cost $250.00/pair






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