The bazuband is a form of arm armor that originated in Asia Minor somewhere around the 12th to 14th century. They were made from steel and had many variations. My hardened leather bazubands make the perfect complement to any early period kit. The leather does not stand out and scream "wrong period!" And they are streamlined enough that they work perfectly well when worn under a shirt to give the appearance of no armor at all!! I have two versions available for sale.

The first is made from 13-15 ounce vegetable tan leather, and hardened in my multi stage process.
The second are made from 2 layers of 10 to 12 ounce vegetable tan leather.
The single layer design are very light, about 1 pound each, and very streamlined.
The double layer are slightly heavier, about 1.25 to 1.5 pounds each, but a bit better protection, and are more durable.

Neither will soften in sunlight, and take impact exceptionally well. Please see the padding example. I STONGLY encourage you to pad these. Hardened leather suffers from transmission shock just like steel plates, so padding is recommended. Space for padding is already accounted for so do not change your measurements. All versions come strapped, assembled and ready to wear.

As with my demi-gauntlents, these can very easily be tooled and painted at an extra charge to be unique to you and your harness. I only accept a limited number of tooling orders, so please check with me to see it I have any opening for tooling orders. Colors available are red, green, black, blue, and natural brown.

Cost: $200 a pair





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